General Information
Species Varylian
Home World N'ce
Body Spiked Snake
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Constricting
Spiky body
Spike Shooting
Enhanced Strength
First Appearance Alien 23
Spikesnake is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Varylian  from the planet N'ce.


Spikesnake is, as his name implies, a spiked snake. He is green, with gren spikes all over his back and on top of his head. He also has an underbite with two sharp teeth.

Spikesnake wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spikesnake is good at wrappin around things and crushing them much like a boa constrictor. Spikesnake can also shoot out his spikes. Spikesnake has venom, but he has never used it.


If Spikesnake gets his spikes pulled out, he can become very tired or weak. This is because his spikes are part of his energy system, and when he shoots them, the connection is broken before the spike gets shot. If it si still connected when it gets pulled out, however, this depletes much of his energy.

Aliens UnleashedEdit


Ben 10: Aliens UnleashedEdit


  • Spikesnake is based off the creator's 3rd grade Science project, in which he had to make up his own animal and describe how it survived, and what its adaptations were.

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