Night Knight
General Information
Species Armored Negroian
Home World X-B21
Body Armored knight (Armored), Shapeless gigantic blob (Unarmored)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Transformation into shadows

Manipulation of shadows Immunity to blasters and poisons Ability to blind people temporarily(Only when in unarmored form)

First Appearance Copycats
 Night Knight is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Negroian from X-B21.


Night Knight appears as a suit of armor. If the armor is removed or the eyeguard lifted,  he comes out of the armor, turning into a huge black blob which makes everything dark.

Night Knight's armor looks like the armor of the Forever Knights, because the Forever Knights stole their armor design from the Negroians. Since all the Omnitrix aliens turn green in some way, a few pieces of Night Knight's armor are green. His Omnitrix symbol is on his left arm.


Night Knight can Transfrom into and manipulate shadows. When his armor is removed or his eyeguard is lifted, he comes out, revealing his true form: a huge, black, shapeless, blob which makes everything pitch-black until putt back in his armor or reverted to Ben.


Other than making everything dark, Night Knight has no real powers once he has exited his armor. If  one were to leave the vicinity of his true from, they could see again.


Language Name Origin
Dutch Soldonkere From soldaat, soldier and donkere, dark


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