Feedback 16OV
General Information
Species Conductoid
Home World Teslavorr
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Feedback (Dimension 23)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Energy Absorption
Energy Redirection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Speed (only on electrical lines)
Flight (via Propulsion)
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
First Appearance The More Things Change: Part 1

Feedback is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Conductoid from the planet Teslavorr.


11 year old Feedback has a black and white color scheme similar to Buzzshock. Feedback has one green eye in the middle of his head. He has two antennae and a tail that feature plugs on their tips that allows him to draw energy to himself. He has four fingers on each hand with similar plugs on the tip of each finger. Feedback has only two front toes.

16 year old Feedback looks similar to his 11 year old self, except that he is more muscular with gold battery bolts on his shoulders, arms and hips. He also has a black and green color scheme comparable to Diamondhead's shirt. His antennae are noticeably longer than when he was eleven. The round plugs on his fingers are now square.

Feedback wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Feedback has the ability to absorb and redirect any kind of energy, including mana even from a little distance by using his antennas, tail, and fingers.
  • Electric Energy Blasts:
    • Feedback can fire electricity from his hands without absorbing any, and propel it out in electrical punches.
  • Enhanced Agility:
    • Feedback has enhanced agility and jumping.
  • Enhanced Strength:
    • Feedback has enhanced strength.
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Energy Balls Generation:
    • Feedback can fire energy balls by joining his fingers.
  • Flight:
    • Feedback can fly by using jet propulsion with his energy.
  • Energy Absorption:
    • Feedback can absorb energy through any part on his body, shown when he absorbed the power lines energy to run faster.
  • Attack Repulsion:
  • Elasticity:
    • Feedback is able to stretch the plugs on his head, hips, and hands for more range.


Feedback needs to absorb energy from time to time to fight, thus the energy contained within him will deplete with use.


By 11 year old BenEdit

By 16 year old BenEdit


Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

By 11 year old BenEdit

By 16 year old BenEdit

Online GamesEdit

Video GamesEdit

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

File:Feedback OV ..png
  • Feedback is playable alien character in the game (by 11-year-old Ben only).

Ben 10: Omniverse 2Edit

  • Feedback is a playable alien character in the game (only on 3DS).

Naming and TranslationsEdit

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Brazil) Feedback From the original English name.
Japanese フィードバック From フィードバック (Fīdobakku).
Romanian Unda From unda, wave.
Polish Feedback From the original English name.
French Rétroactor From rétroactor, retroractor.
German Blitzschlag From blitz, lightning and schlag, hit.
Spanish (Latin America) Feedback

From the original English name.

Korean 피드백 From 피드백, feedback.
Dutch Feedback From the original English name.
Turkish Geribesleme From Geri, back and besleme, feed.


  • 4" Feedback
  • Mini Figure Gravattack and Feedback
  • Feedback and Translucent Gravattack
  • Feedback (Build a Figure)
  • Feedback (Wind Up Figure)
  • 2 Inch Mini Figure Feedback
  • Alien Creation Figures Feedback and Shocksquatch
  • Feedback (DNA Alien Figure)
  • Feedback Omnikit Figure
  • 4" Translucent Feedback
  • 4" 16 year old Feedback 


File:Feedback Destruction 14.png
  • It is revealed in Showdown: Part 1 that Feedback was 11 year old Ben's favorite and most used alien. But he used Feedback a lot, and he became addicted to him, until Feedback was later removed and destroyed by Malware. Due to a failsafe, the prototype Omnitrix would not accept any new Conductoid DNA. But in Showdown: Part 2, 16 year old Ben regained Feedback after he was pulled into a gigantic Malware.
  • Whenever Feedback speaks, an electrical sound is heard.
  • A similar character named Plug Man appears in the game Mega Man 9.
  • In FusionFall Heroes, it is shown that he has a pupil, even though he doesn't have any in the show. Also his eye is yellow.
  • Feedback's enhanced speed, which was shown in Showdown: Part 1, is similar to the 'Induction Grind' power of Cole McGrath in the video game franchise inFamous.

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