General Information
Home World Augstaka
Body Parasitic squid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp teeth
Enhanced Agility
Able to possess humans and aliens
First Appearance Takeover

DNAlias is Ben's sample of a DNAlien/Xenocyte from Augstaka.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

DNAlias can spit out slime from his mouth in. The slime holds down enemies. 

DNAlias has enchanced strength where he can toss around people with ease.

DNAlias is good in handling technology such as laser guns to shoot down their foes.

DNAlias can hop on someone's head to temporarily possess them. When  he does this, the host looks like  a DNAlien.


Ben 10: Aliens UnleashedEdit



  • In Hope for the Best, it is shown thatDNAlias cannot possess Hope's Stone Creatures in bird form but can possess them in humanoid form.
    • This may imply that DNAlias can only possess humanoid beings.
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